2020,We Moving On

With the resumption of work and production of the two factories of Lanxing in the middle of 0010010 nbsp;February, the epidemic prevention and control will enter 0010010 nbsp;into 0010010 nbsp;a new stage.Under the premise of ensuring safety, we have carried out the production and service of orders in an orderly manner. With the philosophy of 0010010 quot;customer-oriented and customer-oriented 0010010 quot;, we have actively responded to customers 0010010 #39; needs and won their trust.

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(High pressure tube sheet in machining)

_8 0010010 nbsp;

(inspection before delivery)

_9 0010010 nbsp;

(Alloy fins coolers for Centrifugal Compressor)

Since the beginning of march, the production and sales of the company have been fully restored, and the staff of wuxi lanxing and anhui tangsheng factories have returned to work at 100%.During the epidemic, the factory strictly implemented the prevention and control measures.On the other hand, we will actively resume work and production, adjust the production plan, strive for full production and overproduction, and try our best to promote the timely delivery of orders for many large projects at home and abroad and overseas projects

_10 0010010 nbsp;

(Oil cooler 0010010 nbsp;for Hydraulic Equipment)

_11 0010010 nbsp;

(Special designed fins cooler)

_12 0010010 nbsp;

(High pressure damper)

_13 0010010 nbsp;

(Shell and tubes heat exchanger for special design)

With the steady progress of the resumption of work and production, Lanxing team 0010010 nbsp;now in full capacity. All the sales colleagues have been active in the front line of the resumption of work and production, and have made positive contributions to ensure the production of customers.

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